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How to use Skype

How to use Skype

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How to add a contact

  • To find friends so that they can be added to your Contacts, select the “Search for Skype users” option from the “Contacts” menu or press the “Add a contact” in the left corner of your Contact list.

  • A new search window will open where you can search for friends by name, or any other information they have listed in their Personal Profile. To add a friend to your Contacts, simply select the name from the search results and click the “Add” button.

  • When you start Skype for the first time you will already have one contact added to your Contact list called “Skype Test Call”. You can call this automated testing robot to see if your headset, speakers and/or microphone are working properly.
Skype protects your privacy by only showing your online status to those users you have explicitly authorized. When you want to add a new contact to your Contact list, you have to send an Authorization Request. When the other person accepts your request, you will be able to call or chat with this contact.
How to make a call
There are several ways to call a Contact
  • Select a Skype Name from your Contact list and then click the green Call button . Depending on how you’ve set your preferences, you may double-click on the Skype Name in your Contacts list or search results.
  • Control-click or right-click the Skype Name in your Contact List or search result and select “Call”. You can also click on the drop down menu button and select “Call”.
  • Type your friends Skype Name into the address bar and hit enter.
  • Select a Skype Name from your Contact list and select “Call” under the “Contacts” menu.
When you initiate a Skype call a new window will appear. The window will show whom you are calling and also the duration of your call. You can hang up by clicking the “Hang up” button, put the call on hold by clicking the “Hold” button or mute the call by clicking the “Mute”button.

Clicking the menu button as shown below will bring up a menu of available options.

You can also use SkypeOut to make calls to ordinary phones and mobiles easily and at really cheap rates. See using SkypeOut for more information.

How to answer a call
If someone is calling you, you will hear the sound of a telephone ringing and a floating call window will appear on your screen.

Click on “Answer” to accept the call or “Reject” to decline it. As soon as you decide to answer a call, a two-way voice conversation will begin and the duration of the call will be visible. Either party can end the call at any time by clicking the red “Hang up” button.
Update your profile
After you start using Skype you can enter information into your personal profile by choosing “My Profile” under the “Account” menu. Entering information in the personal profile is optional but your profile will help people you know to find you on Skype. Personal profile information is not stored by Skype. However, it will be visible to other Skype users. Please see our privacy policy for more information. If you decide not to fill in your personal profile or if you want to change something, you can always access your profile from the “Account” menu in the Skype software.
Online status
Your online status is shown in the status bar of Skype (located at the top of the Skype window). You can change your online status by clicking on the status icon or by selecting “Change Status” from the “Account” menu.

Online status can be any of the following:
Online – this is the default status when you have logged in to Skype.
Skype Me!™ – this status tells users that you are interested in communicating. Skype Me! mode disables your privacy settings and allows anyone to contact you, whether you have authorized them or not.
Away – this status is activated if you are logged on to Skype, but have not used your computer for a while.
Not available – this status is activated if you are logged on to Skype, but have not used your computer for an extended period of time.
Do Not Disturb – this status is useful when you are busy and do not want to be bothered. Calls and chat alerts will not be displayed in this mode, however you can check for chats and calls in the events panel at any time.
Invisible – this status lets you use Skype as usual for chatting and calling but means that you will appear as offline to all your contacts.
Offline – this means the user is not currently logged in to Skype, or has chosen to appear invisible or offline.
Accepting authorisation requests
When another user adds you to his/her Contacts, you will get an Authorization Request pop-up dialog box. If you “Accept” the authorization request, the user will be able to see when you are online. If you “Deny” the request, the user will not be authorized (note that in this case nothing is communicated back to the person requesting authorization).
How to transfer a call
In the ongoing call window select More > Call Transfer to transfer the call to another Skype user. You’ll then see a list of all your Skype contacts. Select the one you want to transfer the call to.

Note that you can only transfer incoming calls.

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